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J Mitchell's ​Spices & Sauces LLC,

WooHoo Sauce

This sauce is one of our best sellers. You will not find a better homemade sauce with it's great flavor and many ways you can use it. Use it as a marinade, a dipping sauce, a spread or just on your finger.

5 Alarm Hot Sauce

If you like hot, this is the sauce for you. It will give you a little sweat and a little tear as you dare to challenge the Scoville units!

 Spice Rub    

Spice Rub - This rub is blended perfectly with 9 different spices for grilling, smoking and oven baking. With a mild smoky flavor, you will love the final product when you pull your favorite meat off the grill, the smoker or out of the oven!

Spice Blend​    

Spice Blend- If you love a mild spice that is balanced in it's seasonings, this is the one for you. Not over powering but perfectly blended with 14 different spices to be used on any meat, vegetable, side dish or as an everyday seasoning.